Monday, December 17, 2007


JavaPolis 2007

Now, I can assure you I had a great time at JavaPolis this year. As JavaPolis steering member and lead for the security track 2007 I had the opportunity to help in determining the focus for this year's security presentations at JavaPolis. As I've received quite some signals from the Identity and Access Management sector over the last year I gave it a swing with the SAML v2.0 and the Liberty Alliance ID-WSF v2.0 specifications. This is where Pat Patterson came into picture. A good speaker who also appreciates the finer Belgium beers, which makes for a perfect combination. Since modern security heavily depends on XML Security I had to have somebody on board covering the Apache XML Security Project. Please welcome Sean Mullan here who did a great job at presenting the current state-of-the-art in Java XML Security and who also shed some light on the future of XML Security via his involvement in the W3C. Finally we also had Erwin Geirnaert covering the OWASP Java Project that tends to close the gap between the OWASP top 10 list and Java application development.

For me JavaPolis started on Sunday evening. Stephan was quite happy that most of the steering members were present for helping out. So after a few hours everything was setup and ready for the big event. Unfortunately for somehow reason I didn't make it to JavaPolis on Monday. Nevertheless JavaPolis felt great on Monday. Thanks Ieniemienie for being who you are. ;)

Wednesday was undoubtedly the most busy day of all. The keynote made for an overflow of the overflow room, so there were a lot of people interested in seeing James doing his thing. The robot act was quite impressive and I'm already looking forward to what toy Sun will bring in next year.

Interesting links to check out:

Thanks for inviting me, Frank, I had a great time. I just posted my slides as PDF. I also bumped into a couple of celebrities :-)
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